NBA Season prediction

The NBA season is on its way! In th West, it is all Thunder. The Thunder are looking really strong right now with Durant and the Trail Blazers far behind. I am all Thunder in the Northwest division.The Clippers were sneaking up behind them. But with the costly injury to Billips, the Clippers will fall behind. The Lakers are right being them with red hot Kobe and Bynum. I predict the Lakers for the Pacific division. The Spurs are just ahead of the Mavericks in the Southwest division, just a three game difference, I think Tony Parker is coming out strong for the Spurs and suspect them winning the Southwest. West predictions- 1.Thunder 2.Lakers 3.Mavericks 4.Clippers 5.Spurs 6. Rockets 7.Timberwoles 8.Trail Blazers 1st one out- Grizzlies.

In the East division- Heat on top with Bulls 1/2 a game back, not much competition other wise. Atlantic division- down year for Boston, I guess 2nd in division. The Knicks are starting to play like they should with Lin dominating the Big Apple. The 76ers started off great but I don’t think they can finish off the season strong. Central division- Chicago dominating, easy division title, with Rose on fire along with Deng and Boozer. The Pacers are playoff contenders but will not go far. Southeast division- Miami has an easy division title. LeBron is one of the best players now, and with Wade playing really well. The Magic are a one player team but are easily a playoff contender along with the Hawks. East predictions- 1.Bulls 2.Heat 3.Knicks 4.Hawks 5.Pacers 6.Magic 7.Celtics 8.76ers


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