NCAA Basketball

By Brian M

With March coming very soon, there is one thing people look forward to: March Madness. Whether it’s creating the best bracket or watching exciting games, the NCAA tournament is without a doubt one of our nation’s most intense sports events. Teams will rise, others will fall. I will tell you what teams will probably make it to the Final Four.

  1. Syracuse: Despite their tough loss to Notre Dame over one month ago, the Orange have not allowed it to happen again. They will continue to play tough defense, and will continue to play with a lot of intensity.
  2. Kentucky: Another intense team with young stars like Anthony Davis. This team has what it takes to go far, but not enough for the national title. The farthest this team can go is the Final Four (which will probably happen), unless they prepare hard to go further.
  3. Kansas: Bill Self’s team has had a crazy journey this season. After the experiences they have gone through, they will make sure they lock a spot into the Final Four.
  4. Michigan State: A team that has always fought very hard in its history will continue to fight hard. Playing tough games against the best teams in the country, the Spartans have what it takes to go all the way to the title. Tom Izzo is an excellent coach, prepared for these dramatic finishes.

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