Game of the Week: North Carolina vs. Duke

One of the most exciting rivalries in college basketball comes to the big test saturday. The last time these two teams met this season, Duke overcame a 15-point deficit to beat North Carolina on a game-winning three-pointer by Austin Rivers. Duke, being the #6 team in the nation, has a chance of beating the #3 team again. The winner of this game will be the top team in the ACC, so there is a lot of conference anticipation as well as rivalry anticipation.

Duke has one thing they can’t do again: let North Carolina take a large lead. The last time these teams met, Duke almost let UNC get out of their hands. The talented freshman Austin Rivers is an amazing point guard with rebound support from Mason Plumlee. On the other hand, North Carolina has talented players such as Harrison Barnes and John Henson.

This game is definitely going to come down to the turnovers and possession. Especially for Duke, having the ball is really going to be an advantage. But nothing can be compared to the amazing 8 mile rivalry between two of the best teams in college basketball.



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