NCAA Sum-up: From the First Round to the Sweet Sixteen

By Brian M.

Wow, the only word I could use to describe this March. It all started in the “Second” Round (Round of 64). Two #2 seeds falling to teams that had won their first ever game in the NCAA Tournament. All #1 seeds made it past this round, and surprisingly 3 of those teams have still managed to make it past all this madness. Michigan State is the only #1 seed to lose. One play in team won (South Florida) and Ohio (#13 seed) almost beat the #1 seed North Carolina.

Almost every higher seed team won their Sweet 16 game, except for Michigan State and Marquette. Coming into the Elite Eight, there are two #2 vs. #1 games (all on the same side of the bracket). Exciting match-ups include Syracuse vs. Ohio State and North Carolina vs. Kansas, but the other two games aren’t too bad themselves.¬†Possession and defense will make up these exciting games, which will determine the Final Four.

Kentucky has proved to stand where they are right now in the tournament as a #1 seed.


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