Punishments for the Saints

March 24, 2012

By Brian M.

I would just like to quickly put out that the NFL made very smart decisions of their punishments on the New Orleans Saints. The suspensions of Sean Payton, Greg Williams, and Mickey Loomis. Player safety is a big issue in the NFL, and I think this decision shows to everybody that the NFL cares about the safety of its players. I like the Saints, but this kind of action is dangerous and terrible to the NFL. Don’t players already get paid to hit people? I guess it’s better when you get paid more to hit targets. I just wanted to quickly put this out and would like to praise the NFL in making good decisions.

The NFL made harsh put good punishments to the Saints.


NFL Sum-Up

February 28, 2012

By Matt S.

The Patriots came up short again. They will never become a successful franchise if they don’t come up big in the Big Game. Yes, Gronkowski was hurt, but the Patriot’s offense was mainly him and Welker. Welker had a nightmare day. Overall, the Patriots’s did what was expected, come up short in the Super Bowl.

A team that definitely shocked everyone was the San Francisco 49ers. They didn’t have much offense, but by far had the best dfense in the NFL.

The Eagles shocked the world also with a bad season, because they were expected to go very far.

The Packers came up short big time.

The Colt’s focus was too much on passing. For them to be successful, they need a new offense and defensive line. They also need a halfway-decent running back.

The 2011-2012 NFL season was very surprising, I hope it is the same next year.

A Writer’s Opinion: Aaron Rodgers

February 28, 2012

By Kyle S.

Everyone had a great time watching the amazing Aaron Rodgers, but now everyone’s asking, will he be that good in the next season? Well, here’s what I found out.

Personally, I think Aaron Rodgers played the best this season. He made critical plays that won games. He is very comfortable in the pocket, has a powerful and accurate arm, and he’s just a very fun player to watch.

I think that he might decline next year, however. He was at the peak of his game this year, which be hard to just match.

As much as I love Aaron, I think the next season is going to be tough.