Ryan Braun Cleared

By Brian C

Ryan Braun has recently been accused of taking steroids during the 2010-2011 baseball season.That same season, he was awarded the MVP. This whole time Ryan has been denying the use of the drug the whole time. When the arbitrator proved that Ryan Braun did not put steroids into his body. Everyone was in shock, including the MLB, because Braun was the first player to ever prove himself innocent on steroid use. A lot of people are wondering why this has taken so long to overturn. Most people are saying that they should’ve noticed something was wrong from the beginning. They are saying this because the first test results came back three times higher than anyone’s in MLB history whether they were using the drug or not. The man who collected the sample collected it on a Friday and was supposed to ship it to the lab that day. But instead, he mailed it off that following Monday. After the man collected the sample drove home with his son and passed 16 FedEx stores on the way.

Nobody is really sure what happened to the sample at the man’s house. It could’ve been in his trunk, a freezer, or even lying around with kids in the house. This man collects samples as a part time job, and works at a hospital for the other part of the time. Ryan stated that he just signed a contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, won the MVP, and had his best season of his career. There is no reason,even, to need to take steroids. The Brewers keep track of everybody’s speed, weight, and how much weight they can lift. In all of the years Braun has been in the majors, he has never gone up or down in any of those three categories. If they did not change their decision, Ryan Braun would be suspended for the first 50 games of the season and would always be remembered as a cheater. So many people are concerned with the system of the drug tests in the MLB because they don’t know when to trust it.


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