Jeremy Lin

March 2, 2012

Brian M.

At the beginning of the NBA season, one basketball player kept going back and forth between the NBA and the Developmental League. This smart Harvard graduate made his way into the professional Knicks roster, and made a statement while filling in for teammates. If you haven’t already heard of him, his name is Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is a very young, talented player. He may not be like LeBron or Rose in my opinion, he is still close to that grouping. He is one of the best point guards in the NBA, and he’s been so good lately that teams have to double team him very hard to stop him on defense. That’s one of his major weaknesses. That may be what it takes to stop Lin-sanity.

Jeremy Lin has been a huge clutch player.for the Knicks, scoring game-winning free-throws, three-pointers, or just making good shots. This is a Lin-sane player, and within two weeks his Jersey became the highest selling in the NBA. But sometimes it seems that he forces things to happen on the court. He has been very good at getting his team involved in play, but sometimes he’ll get himself trapped in the lane while driving. The double team makes Lin very vulnerable. If he improves his skills even more, and gets himself out of those trap situations, I’m excited to see the Knicks in the playoffs. The Heat knew how to play Lin. He needs to make sure he knows how to fight and adjust to all different defenses. I’m excited to see Lin in the future.

Is the NBA player ranking accurate?

February 28, 2012

By Matt S.

To rank players, it is all opinion, and everybody has a different opinion. I do agree that LeBron is the best in the league, but I think Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki are better than Dwayne Wade. Rajon Rondo is definitely overrated. Here is my top 20:

1.LeBron James 2.Dwight Howard  3.Kevin Durant 4.Chris Paul  5.Dirk Nowitzki  6.Kobe Bryant  7.Derrick Rose  8.Dwayne Wade

9.Deron Williams  10.Amare Stoudemire  11.Pau Gasol  12.Carmelo Anthony  13.Kevin Love  14.Zach Randolph  15.Tim Duncan

16.Blake Griffin  17.Paul Pierce  18.Steve Nash  19.Chris Bosh  20.Andrew Bynum

NBA Season prediction

February 28, 2012

By Matt S.

The NBA season is almost done! In th West, it is all Thunder. The Thunder are looking really strong right now with Durant and the Trail Blazers far behind. I am all Thunder in the Northwest division.The Clippers were sneaking up behind them. But with the costly injury to Billips, the Clippers will fall behind. The Lakers are right being them with red hot Kobe and Bynum. I predict the Lakers for the Pacific division. The Spurs are just ahead of the Mavericks in the Southwest division, just a three game difference, I think Tony Parker is coming out strong for the Spurs and suspect them winning the Southwest. West predictions- 1.Thunder 2.Lakers 3.Mavericks 4.Clippers 5.Spurs 6. Rockets 7.Timberwoles 8.Trail Blazers 1st one out- Grizzlies.

In the East division- Heat on top with Bulls 1/2 a game back, not much competition other wise. Atlantic division- down year for Boston, I guess 2nd in division. The Knicks are starting to play like they should with Lin dominating the Big Apple. The 76ers started off great but I don’t think they can finish off the season strong. Central division- Chicago dominating, easy division title, with Rose on fire along with Deng and Boozer. The Pacers are playoff contenders but will not go far. Southeast division- Miami has an easy division title. LeBron is one of the best players now, and with Wade playing really well. The Magic are a one player team but are easily a playoff contender along with the Hawks. East predictions- 1.Bulls 2.Heat 3.Knicks 4.Hawks 5.Pacers 6.Magic 7.Celtics 8.76ers


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