Adrian Peterson

March 1, 2012

Adrian didn’t have his normal season this year. He had trouble with running against the big time D-fences like te 49ers but when your one of the best running-backs that’s just something you have to be able to do. If you can’t, you’ll probebly be fired.

Eventhough that could happen, I don’t think Adrian will be fired at all. He’s just too valuable. I think that if he really works hard in the off-season, he’ll be a real threat on offense.

Kyle S.


Is the NBA player ranking accurate?

February 28, 2012

To rank players, it is all opinion, and everybody has a different opinion. I do agree that LeBron is the best in the league, but i think Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitski are better than Dwayne Wade. They definatly overrated Rojon Rondo. Here is my top 20-

1.LeBron James  2.Dwight Howard  3.Kevin Durant  4.Chris Paul  5.Dirk Nowitzki  6.Kobe Bryant  7.Derrick Rose  8.Dwayne Wade

9.Deron Williams  10.Amare Stoudemire  11.Pau Gasol  12.Carmelo Anthony  13.Kevin Love  14.Zach Randolph  15.Tim Duncan

16.Blake Griffin  17.Paul Pierce  18.Steve Nash  19.Chris Bosh  20.Andrew Bynum

Ryan Braun Cleared

February 28, 2012

By Brian C

Ryan Braun has recently been accused of taking steroids during the 2010-2011 baseball season.That same season, he was awarded the MVP. This whole time Ryan has been denying the use of the drug the whole time. When the arbitrator proved that Ryan Braun did not put steroids into his body. Everyone was in shock, including the MLB, because Braun was the first player to ever prove himself innocent on steroid use. A lot of people are wondering why this has taken so long to overturn. Most people are saying that they should’ve noticed something was wrong from the beginning. They are saying this because the first test results came back three times higher than anyone’s in MLB history whether they were using the drug or not. The man who collected the sample collected it on a Friday and was supposed to ship it to the lab that day. But instead, he mailed it off that following Monday. After the man collected the sample drove home with his son and passed 16 FedEx stores on the way.

Nobody is really sure what happened to the sample at the man’s house. It could’ve been in his trunk, a freezer, or even lying around with kids in the house. This man collects samples as a part time job, and works at a hospital for the other part of the time. Ryan stated that he just signed a contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, won the MVP, and had his best season of his career. There is no reason,even, to need to take steroids. The Brewers keep track of everybody’s speed, weight, and how much weight they can lift. In all of the years Braun has been in the majors, he has never gone up or down in any of those three categories. If they did not change their decision, Ryan Braun would be suspended for the first 50 games of the season and would always be remembered as a cheater. So many people are concerned with the system of the drug tests in the MLB because they don’t know when to trust it

NCAA Basketball

February 28, 2012

By Brian M

With March coming very soon, there is one thing people look forward to: March Madness. Whether it’s creating the best bracket or watching exciting games, the NCAA tournament is without a doubt one of our nation’s most intense sports events. Teams will rise, others will fall. I will tell you what teams will probably make it to the Final Four.

  1. Syracuse: Despite their tough loss to Notre Dame over one month ago, the Orange have not allowed it to happen again. They will continue to play tough defense, and will continue to play with a lot of intensity.
  2. Kentucky: Another intense team with young stars like Anthony Davis. This team has what it takes to go far, but not enough for the national title. The farthest this team can go is the Final Four (which will probably happen), unless they prepare hard to go further.
  3. Kansas: Bill Self’s team has had a crazy journey this season. After the experiences they have gone through, they will make sure they lock a spot into the Final Four.
  4. Michigan State: A team that has always fought very hard in its history will continue to fight hard. Playing tough games against the best teams in the country, the Spartans have what it takes to go all the way to the title. Tom Izzo is an excellent coach, prepared for these dramatic finishes.

NBA Season prediction

February 28, 2012

The NBA season is on its way! In th West, it is all Thunder. The Thunder are looking really strong right now with Durant and the Trail Blazers far behind. I am all Thunder in the Northwest division.The Clippers were sneaking up behind them. But with the costly injury to Billips, the Clippers will fall behind. The Lakers are right being them with red hot Kobe and Bynum. I predict the Lakers for the Pacific division. The Spurs are just ahead of the Mavericks in the Southwest division, just a three game difference, I think Tony Parker is coming out strong for the Spurs and suspect them winning the Southwest. West predictions- 1.Thunder 2.Lakers 3.Mavericks 4.Clippers 5.Spurs 6. Rockets 7.Timberwoles 8.Trail Blazers 1st one out- Grizzlies.

In the East division- Heat on top with Bulls 1/2 a game back, not much competition other wise. Atlantic division- down year for Boston, I guess 2nd in division. The Knicks are starting to play like they should with Lin dominating the Big Apple. The 76ers started off great but I don’t think they can finish off the season strong. Central division- Chicago dominating, easy division title, with Rose on fire along with Deng and Boozer. The Pacers are playoff contenders but will not go far. Southeast division- Miami has an easy division title. LeBron is one of the best players now, and with Wade playing really well. The Magic are a one player team but are easily a playoff contender along with the Hawks. East predictions- 1.Bulls 2.Heat 3.Knicks 4.Hawks 5.Pacers 6.Magic 7.Celtics 8.76ers

NFL Sum-Up

February 28, 2012

By Matt S.

The Patriots came up short again. They will never become a successful franchise if they don’t come up big in the Big Game. Yes, Gronkowski was hurt, but the Patriot’s offense was mainly him and Welker. Welker had a nightmare day. Overall, the Patriots’s did what was expected, come up short in the Super Bowl.

A team that definitely shocked everyone was the San Francisco 49ers. They didn’t have much offense, but by far had the best dfense in the NFL.

The Eagles shocked the world also with a bad season, because they were expected to go very far.

The Packers came up short big time.

The Colt’s focus was too much on passing. For them to be successful, they need a new offense and defensive line. They also need a halfway-decent running back.

The 2011-2012 NFL season was very surprising, I hope it is the same next year.

A Writer’s Opinion: Aaron Rodgers

February 28, 2012

By Kyle S.

Everyone had a great time watching the amazing Aaron Rodgers, but now everyone’s asking, will he be that good in the next season? Well, here’s what I found out.

Personally, I think Aaron Rodgers played the best this season. He made critical plays that won games. He is very comfortable in the pocket, has a powerful and accurate arm, and he’s just a very fun player to watch.

I think that he might decline next year, however. He was at the peak of his game this year, which be hard to just match.

As much as I love Aaron, I think the next season is going to be tough.